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This is an exercise designed to help candidates and Mentor Talent better understand which companies are best suited to you and why you feel they are a good fit for your talent. The majority of preparation in advance of an interview lies in the research you take on. The old maxim applies as much to interviewing, as to anything else: “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. We firmly believe that you always need to go the extra mile, regardless of the task put in front of you.

By doing this exercise, you are not only advising Mentor Talent of the company that is the best fit for you, but you will also gain a far deeper and clearer understanding of the company that you hope to interview for. Furthermore, Mentor Talent will use this document to showcase you to the companies that you mention below. They will see that you are motivated, engaged and willing to put in more effort versus your competition.

Please ask if you have any questions on this document. Being curious and wanting to better understand something before starting a piece of work are traits any good company will value. Never be afraid to ask!

These should be directly linked to the company’s operational objectives (day to day activities), strategic goals (what does the company want to be known for), the company’s financial direction (recent acquisitions, mergers, IPOs) and/or career advancement opportunities:

E.g. using the skills that you have acquired to add value to a particular research project currently ongoing in the company (QA/QC/Reg). Or past experiences in a business environment that might help you close a deal (Sales/Business dev). A good way of looking at the question is to ask yourself “What value can I add (using my experience and skills) to the reasons why I want to work for this company?”:

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